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17/03/2021 by LokalRoo


Find any service or rental item in your location or anywhere within Australia.


View prices instantly. Book on Lokalroo with our secure escrow payment system.

Searching, Booking & Cancelations

In short, yes! Lokalroo holds your money in escrow before releasing it to the service provider. Payments are not released to the service provider until one day after the reservation date.

Firstly you should call/ message the service provider. You can view the contact details by going to the service providers profile. If you don’t hear from the service provider within the hour. Please notify us within the same date of booking by contact us

Start on the home page by entering a keyword or phrase, such as “yoga classes”. Optionally, use any combination of filters to narrow your search, e.g. “listing type”, “price type”, “start and end” and “C2B or B2C” (customer to business) or (business to customer), or virtual.

Once you click on “Search”, you will be shown a maximum of 100 listings in Australia that match your search term or phrase, narrow it down by using the location field option or zoom in to your desired location.

Book now will request the booking from the service provider to accept or decline the booking. At this point the booking is not confirmed until the service provider confirms your request and you have made a full payment.

Instant booking is a booking that you can book and pay for immediately and your reservation will be automatically confirmed.

Yes of course! Simply go the listing and click “contact owner”

Once you’ve make a booking, you maybe see the providers profile to see all their contact information including phone numbers and social media accounts “if they have”. Alternatively you can send a message to any service provider at any time.

Your full payment will be refunded.

This happens when the service provider canceled your confirmed booking. You will get a full refund if this happens.

Customers can cancel their reservations without incurring a penalty if they do so one day before the reservation date.

There are no refunds available if you cancel a reservation less than one day before the reservation date.

On the user terms page, you can learn more about cancellations.

Frequently asked Questions

Lokalroo will only publish listings that are fully completed and informative. Lokalroo will not publish listings that are non-compliant.

Service providers go through STRIPE connect to verify their identity only.

Note*: Lokalroo does not verify licenses of all services providers. Some may have a tick checker on their listing which means they are licensed but some may not therefore, we recommend that you manually verify the certificates/licenses/documents before starting an order.

Lokalroo is a reputation based on an open marketplace. If at any time you feel uncomfortable with another member, you should contact us.

Accepting cash outside our platform is voiding our terms and conditions of use and this may turn to a termination of your account. Often cash payment sounds unbelievably good, it’s likely it’s bad.

You can only submit a rating after a booking date. Go to “My Reservations”, see which bookings you want to rate and click on “post review” .

You can reset password by going to my “account” then “my profile” at the very bottom page, “change password”.

Simply logout or if you are logged out already, go to “sign-in” and click forget password then follow the prompts.

If you wish to delete you account and information. Please send us a message here along with your username/name, last name and email used. 

Contact the service provider with any questions to make sure they are aligned with your expectations.

Tax invoice can only be issued by service providers. Please contact your service provider for a tax invoice.

The service provider can only see your contact details such as your full name, email address and phone number if you have made a reservation.


  • For any disputes, please click here.