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Service Provider Guide

17/03/2021 by LokalRoo

Sign-up as Provider

Easily sign up as a business/freelancer, Fill in your profile details and start publishing listings right away.​

Connect With STRIPE

Connect with STRIPE payments for your payouts setting.

Publish listings

Once your profile is filled, you can publish as many listings as you want for FREE. The listing will be reviewed by Lokalroo before they are published.

Getting Started

  1. Sign-up – note* username/trade name will become your “business name” and is unchangeable after signup.
  2. Fill in all profile section + Connect with (Stripe connect) for payouts.
  3. Your account is ready to publish listings!

Create Listings

  • YouTube video tutorials are available at the very bottom of this page.
  1. Create new listing 
  2. Add description 
  3. Price
  4. Add Images
  5. Add Location
  6. Calendar: If your listing is priced by “per hour” You must import a google calendar url, click this link here for tutorial. This is an easy and quick process. 

Listings Q&A

  • Go to your dashboard, left tab, click “add new Listing”.
  • There may be two reasons to this, firstly it may be that you have not provided identification and or a completed profile. Secondly the listing may be prohibited.
  • Yes, you can edit after publishing but it will be put to review again before its publicly published.
  • For examples and guide please click here.

You can delete a listing or you can pause it. Pausing it will remove it from the search results.

Click here for an easy tutorial on how to set it up.

The calendar works as a time blocker only. 

When you create a calendar in Google Calendar, it can be used in multiple listings. However, when one listing is booked it automatically blocks the hours in the other listings.

You can create multiple calendars in one Google Account if you want to have multiple availabilities for other listings.

If you have product, equipment or vehicle that required special license to use. You have to be responsible to check if the customer have the correct license before you hire it out. You should state in description and or on your listing under (features and Requirements) and add “special license requirement”. This enable the listing to have all the information necessary to avoid cancelation or miss understandings. Please refer to User Terms for more details. 


  • Go to “my account” on the left panel look for “bookings” here you can accept, issue invoice or reject a reservation request.

Yes, you may add extra expenses/services to an invoice only if your listing is set to non instant booking or if user has not paid on the instant booking reservation.

Go to My Bookings, find the booking entry you want to edit. Click on Issue Invoice, the invoice will be displayed and on the right hand side you can add the name of the additional service, the price and the discount if applicable.

If you accept the job/reservation, it means you agree with the information in your listing description. You will receive an email with the reservation confirmation.

If a customer asks to add additional services to a booking request, you can add additional services to the invoice and reissue the invoice to the customer for payment. However, this is only possible if your listing is not an instant booking or the user has not yet paid for the booking.

Payments are released one day after booking date.

The 10% commission is deducted from your total payout.

Yes, a customer can leave you a review one day after the booking date.

  • Instant booking, is when you are willing to accept any reservation.
  • Non instant booking, does not allow the customer to pay and reserve until you are satisfied with the reservation request.

Users can search provider at any location. Hence we added the feature B2C (Business to Customer) and C2B (Customers to Business). If you provide B2C make sure you give as much information on how far your willing to travel. Alternatively you can set your listing to non instant booking or add extra service option to add extra milage for “out of town expenses”

Yes, you will receive an sms for booking confirmation or booking request.

Yes, You are the only one that can cancel a confirmed booking.

If a customer asks to cancel a booking. You shall not refuse as this is our core terms and condition that both parties are able to cancel at anytime without penalties. 

*Be sure to cancel the booking on your booking tab. 

Please refer to User Terms for more details. 


We currently charge 10% commission on every booking received.

Once a booking has been made and paid, you can view your Invoice along with the booking details and payout amount.

There are costs involved in running the Lokalroo marketplace, and we charge a small commission fee to keep it running and developing. The costs additionally helps us to continue to improve our innovations and presentations to bring you more offers and newer opportunities.

Go to profile, select (connect with STRIPE) follow the process to enable direct payouts to your nominated bank account.

Payouts to your nominated bank account that you setup with Stripe is payed out two days after a reservation date. 

  • For any disputes, please click here.

1. Do I have to pay tax on my Lokalroo income? 

Truly, you do!

The main source of revenue in the tax system is the income tax, which consists of three main pillars:

1. Personal earnings
2. Business earnings
3. Capital gains

Each year, you probably earn money from a variety of sources, of which Lokalroo may be one. Income tax is imposed on all levels of income and is added to an individual’s taxable income. This includes income from your job, business income, and investment income.

2. Always refer to your local tax laws. Lokalroo is not responsible for your taxes or gst.

Please refer to User Terms for more details.